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A Message from the Director: Julie Sloan

Dear Friend of the United Way of Illinois Valley


This year as I think about the Annual Campaign for the United Way a couple of thoughts come to mind.

These thoughts are in the form of two movies I have been fortunate to see.

The first is the movie called "It's a Wonderful Life".  You know the stars Jimmy Stewart.  Its premise is that "no one is born to be a failure and no one is poor who has friends."  It tells of George Bailey and the simple yet glorious life he lives.

As we look at ourselves, as we think about our own lives... we can relate to George and this wonderful see we too are living a "wonderful life"!

We get up each day...we begin our routine of getting dressed, having breakfast, going to work, and feeling the sense of contribution.   We come home (back to our safe harbor) where we spend time with those we love...those who mean the most to us.

Now you may be thinking that this is routine, mundane, and sometimes may even seem a little boring.  But to many individuals served by the United Way and its partner agencies...this is far from boring...this would be blessed!  Many of them  would welcome a "routine" life such as this.

The second movie that comes to mind is "Pay it Forward".  It once again tells us of the effects of giving and the sharing of ourselves and the wealth that has been bestowed upon us.  It's about making changes in the form of repaying good deeds and watching the effect it has on ours and others lives.

So this year as you consider your Annual Contribution to the United Way, I ask you to think about the "wonderful life" you've been given.  I then ask you to consider a good and wonderful deed and "pay it forward".

Please remember what may seem routine, ordinary, and common to you... is far from that to the approximately 30,000 individuals served by the United Way of Illinois Valley and its partner agencies.

Thank you for you generous donation.

. . . Julie Sloan


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