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Core Recycling by United Way

In 2005, United Way of Illinois Valley began a partnership with Core Recycling Concepts in an area-wide recycling campaign. This program is a great opportunity for all members of the community to become more involved with protecting our environment, while at the same time supporting United Way and helping us to reduce operating costs and keeping benefits to our member agencies as strong as ever. It is an easy process to implement.

How can I participate?

Participants simply place a recycling box in a convenient location and encourage staff and/or customers to lend a hand in the collection of empty inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and used cell phones. Small businesses or individuals who may not have enough volume to constitute having a collection box can drop their recyclable items at the UW office – or call to find a site location near them.

The Core Recycling project continues with strong community support. Persons reading this who would like to take part in the recycling program are asked to contact the United Way of Illinois Valley (T) 815 223-8339 and we will make certain you receive collection boxes.

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